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Our philosophy

Our pediatric dental practice is based on preventive dental care. Educating parents on their children’s oral care is our ultimate goal. We believe that prevention is necassary for strong teeth, a beautiful smile and functional jaws.

We are here for all of our young patients, infants, children, adolescents and people with special needs. Our mission is to offer cutting edge technology in dentistry, personalized for each child, making a visit a positive experience. Our team makes every possible effort to meet your needs. “All children deserve a good start and this should be with us.

The pediatric dentist

…upon completion of my undergraguate studies in Greece, I was addmited to the Department of Paediatric Dentistry of TUFTS University of Boston, USA, one of the best pediatric dental departments in the world. At the end of my postgraduate studies at TUFTS, in addition to the certificate in pediatric dentistry, I obtained a special diploma in the use of the innovative technique of air-abrasion, a new method of removing dental caries without a “drill”

Being also deeply concerned about the human part of my job, which is the interaction with a parent who trusts me with his own child, as well as the interaction with the child itself, I still up to day, attend psychology classes.


Our approach- Behavioral management

The pediatric dentist uses psychological techniques and special vocabulary to describe the treatment to the child.

During the child’s first visit in Vera Bakala Pediatric Dentistry, parents have the chance to discuss with the pediatric dentist all the issues that concern them regarding their child’s oral health. At the same time, the doctor looks into all the necessary information about both the oral and the general health of the little patient.


Find out about the emergency situations that may arise in your child’s mouth.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We answer your most frequently asked questions about your child’s dentition.

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