Electronic Preventive Care System

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Every child deserves to start their life healthy but when it comes to oral health, many children are facing severe problems.

All kids are born with strong teeth!

The secret to healthy teeth is proper oral hygiene habits from the first tooth coming in the mouth, a balanced diet and regular check-ups by a pediatric dentist twice a year from the age of three, as well as fluoride treatments*.

Running a modern and busy life, however, it is very easy to lose track of time

so before we even realise it, the child's regular visit to the pediatric dentist is long gone.

In our dental practice, we use the electronic preventive care system

and we electronically schedule the child's recall visit. Parents are informed for the upcoming appointment through the doctor's office secretariat.


If you are interested in your child’s oral health, do not hesitate to participate in the electronic preventive care system of our practice.

* The use of fluoride to prevent and control dental caries has been largly documented as safe and very effective. Fluoride has many different mechanisms of action against dental caries. Fluoride increases enamel’s resistance to dental caries, enhances the re-calcification of enamel in areas with incipient lesions and interferes with the metabolism of bacteria that cause decay (antimicrobial properties).